The New Simplified
Approach in CAD Editing
Instantly Turn any Android Mobile Device into a CAD Drawing and Editing Powerhouse!

The Gestureit® CAD app for mobile represents a new simplified approach in CAD drawing and editing. Gone is the need for extensive training, trial and error, and endless commands to memorize. All you need is your imagination, your Android mobile device… and Gestureit® CAD.

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Simplify Your Work Life, and Let your Creativity and Productivity Soar with Gestureit® CAD!

The Gestureit® CAD app frees you to focus on what you do best… being creative! There are NO keystrokes to learn or complex commands to memorize. Practically NO learning curve at all. Whether you’re a seasoned expert, or brand new to CAD programs, Gestureit® CAD evens the playing field and enables ANYBODY to create and edit CAD drawings like a pro.

Gestureit® CAD is as EASY as 1-2-3.

Simply use your pointer finger like a stylist on your Android touchscreen.
Create and edit precise CAD drawings with EASY, intuitive gestures and icon selections, and on-screen directions.
Let Gestureit® CAD do the rest!

Quickly View, Measure, Create and Edit ANYWHERE, ANY TIME with Gestureit® CAD!

The Gestureit® CAD App is changing the way designers, engineers, architects, artists, and developers create and edit. It helps you quickly and easily edit and create:

Text, leaders and comments
With grip points manipulation
In imperial and metric systems
With commands, such as, Trim, Extend, Chamfer, Fillet, Scale, Mirror, Join and Offset
Hatches and Blocks
Changes in CAD drawings in PDF format
Lines, planar polylines and arcs
Shapes, such as rectangles, circles, ellipses, and polyfaces
Color, line weight and line style
Layers and snapping
Dimensions, including styles
Lines in isometry, arbitrarily
3D polyface meshes
And more...

Quickly Create, Edit, or Just Review CAD Drawings Anywhere
You Happen to be!

Whether you’re on site, at home, at the office, waiting for a flight, having coffee, or making last minute edits to a CAD drawing… You’ll be amazed how quickly and accurately you can create and edit with Gestureit® CAD. As for reviewing details? It’s never been easier! Simply review by zooming, panning, orbiting, measuring, and commenting with super-intuitive icon selections and gestures.

Create or edit anywhere inspiration strikes! All you need is an Android smart phone, tablet, or laptop… and Gestureit® CAD.
Gestureit® CAD is ideal for the following disciplines, just to name a few!
Interior design
Industrial design
Landscape architecture
Manufacturing engineering
HVAC design
Mechanical engineering
Product development engineering
Project management
Urban planning

Hassle-Free PDF Editing!

Problem: You need to print out a PDF to make last-second, hand-written notes, or corrections on the PDF before a meeting.  Talk about stressful, and less than ideal!

Solution: Simply make quick text or graphic changes and add comments directly in the PDF, even those attached to emails using Gestureit® CAD.

Works with Other CAD Applications

Quickly switch between editing with Gestureit® CAD and any other CAD application having access to the same file, in a commonly used cloud storage.

Supports all DWG file versions. Edited DWG file maintains the DWG version of the original file.

Supports Popular CAD File Formats, Storages and Languages!

Gestureit® CAD enables you to quickly view, measure, edit, create, wirelessley print, share and search text, thanks to our super-intuitive gestures and simple icon-interface.

View and Edit DWG, DXF and PDF files, export a DWG, DXF or DWF file to a file in either of the other supported formats or to a PNG file, and import a PDF, DWF, PNG or JPEG file into your drawing.

Access your CAD files in your device storage, SD Card, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box via the native Android interface.

Language support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindu, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German.

Start Impressing Colleagues, Clients, Your Boss...
And Most of all YOURSELF with Gestureit® CAD.

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and streamline the way you view, create and edit CAD drawings any place, anytime!

(It’s as easy as Touch, Gestureit, Done!)
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